Land Clearing


In 1999 Turf Concepts, LLC was looking for a winter project to help with cash flow and work needs between snow events. The owner found a project in Hancock, Putnam and Hardin Counties that he thought might be an option. We bid the project, were awarded the contract and once guessed it, another “new” opportunity for Turf Concepts. This project involved removing log jams, leaning trees, debris etc. from the 90 plus miles of the Blanchard River. Since that project we have done similar projects on Eagle Creek (Hancock), Ottawa Creek (Hancock), Scioto River (Hardin), Silver Creek (Hardin), Ottawa River (Allen, Putnam). In 2011 we were awarded a contract with the Allen County Engineers to clear brush, trees and debris, etc – reconstruct flow line, ditch bank, install rock channel protection etc. - repair tiles, drains, culverts etc. and reclaim and seed approximately 11 miles of the Lost Creek Ditch in the Lima area. We have the equipment necessary to get the job done! One of our most specialized pieces of equipment is a CAT 315 excavator with a Rotating Disk Mulcher attachment. This piece of equipment is designed for masticating whole trees and brush in hard to reach areas, such as ditch banks, utility easments, fence rows etc. The RDM quickly mulches anything in its path. For more information, call us today!